April 3rd, 2023

Storybook Circling at the Councils of all Beings

By Scooter Cascadia '23
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Editor’s Note: This contributed poem connects with the Councils of All Beings article by Karen Hindhede in this issue.

In this circle
wide in species
and sparkling imaginings

In this circle of story-sharing
about sharing stories

The call goes out
rippling through Creatures, Places, Beings
cycling back through voice, art, sparks

Wisdom from the Future Beings
and breath swirling together with
Living Beings,
deep time and special places,
ancestral lineages,
continuous placekeepers, and
living wisdom traditions,
energizing presence

These whispers, breaths,
and voices stir a rhythm at the
center of the circles of sharing

Weaving webs across dimensions,
possibilities, and enlivenings.
We lean in to listen….
What insights and offerings
might be stirring here?

We lean in, too, within,
to listen:
and the tympanum
at the center of the circles
of the hearts within

May these stories, songs,
presences, and rhythms
ripple outward again
in life-giving sweeps
and Gaian remembrance.

May this circle be convened
in care and gratitude.

May these reverberations
shake loose despair’s power
toward deeper connection and caring.

May these resonances
deepen the four-fold perspective shifts
widening self,
sharing power,
deepening time, and
richer community.

May these circles
nurture the deeper calls to action,
going forth in creative inspiration,
daring possibilities,
support, enthusiasm:
stronger in uncertainty.

Come gather in these
story-sharing circles.
We lean in and breathe:
listening for rolling

What we’ve learned,
what is possible,
what can carry forward
in the greater circles and cycles
of becoming.

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