March 19th, 2012

Amenity Migration: a comparative study of the Italian Alps and the Chil-ean Andes

By Axel Borsdorf, Rodrigo Hidalgo and Hugo Zunino



Amenity migration involves people moving to perceived desirable regions, usually for non-economic reasons, such as a physical or cultural environment that is seen as more beautiful, tranquil or inspirational than their current, usually urban environment.  the Italian Alps and Chilean Andes have recently experienced significant amenity in-migration after decades of net population decline.    Whereas amenity migration in other parts of the Alps, and the Americas is well-studied, here we represent some of the first demographic data, and also cultural-geographic analysis, comparing these two regions.  In many respects, the two regions are similar, including the socio-economic situation of existing population and the principal reasons that amenity migrants arrive.  IN both regions, perceived beauty and tranquility of the natural mountains environment is the main attraction for amenioty migrants.  In addition, migrants come to experience a different cultural milieu that thy perceive as less stressful than the usually urban environments that they emigrate from.  In the Italian Alps, close proximity to urban areas bring more day migrants, and the longer cultural history of teh region has led to more conflicts of values between amenity migrants and long-term residents than is seen in the relatively culturally young Chilean Andes.

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