March 2020: Educating for Water Resilience in the Context of Climate Crisis

Special Issue Editorial Overview

“Educating for Water Resilience in the Context of Climate Crisis”—Journal of Sustainability Education Special Issue Released for United Nations World Water Day 2020

by Amanda Bielawski, Special Issue Guest Editor—Journal of Sustainability Education

Issue Feature:

Learning and Teaching about the Flint Water Crisis: Environmental Justice and the Right to Clean Water

by Sara Dorman & Cleary Vaughan-Lee—Global Oneness Project


Global Youth Water Leaders Call for Urgent Water-Climate Action, Highlight Role of Sustainability Education in Statement to United Nations General Assembly; A Q&A Interview with Diana Virgovicova, Stockholm Junior Water Prize Recipient

by Amanda Bielawski, Special Issue Guest Editor, & Diana Virgovicova—Stockholm Junior Water Prize 

Activating the Corporate Sector as a “Lever” to Push a Water Resilience Tipping Point in California and Beyond; A Q&A with the Pacific Institute, a Global Water Research Organization

by Amanda Bielawski, Special Issue Guest Editor, & Cora Kammeyer—Pacific Institute 

How Climate Change is Increasing Demand for Water-Related Curricular Resources; A Q&A with the California Academy of Sciences

by Amanda Bielawski, Special Issue Guest Editor & Megan Schufreider—California Academy of Sciences

Sustainability Journey:

The Body that is a River

by Eileen Delehanty Pearkes, author of A River Captured: The Columbia River Treaty and Catastrophic Change—British Columbia, Canada

International-Focused Scholarly Features:

From Cairo, Egypt:

The Sabils of Cairo: Small Scale Urban Adaptations to Water Stress

by Tessa Farmer, Mel Throckmorton, & Fazlah Rahaman—University of Virginia, United States

From Maasailand, Kenya:

Seeing Water through the Trees: Maasai Activists in Kenya Among Indigenous Leaders Worldwide Calling for Upstream Forest Conservation as Nature-Based Policy Solution for Downstream Water Security Amidst Climate Crisis

by Amanda Bielawski, Special Issue Guest Editor—Prescott College, United States

From Islamabad, Pakistan:

Water Scarcity and Social Vulnerabilities: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective of Water Challenges in Pakistan

by Zahra Khan Durrani—Islamabad, Pakistan

U.S.-Based Scholarly Features:

Engaging Students in Local Water Issues:

Embracing Our Place: Sustainability and a Bioregional Watershed Education Approach

by Nathan Hensley—Bowling Green State University, United States

Improving Water Resilience through Environmental Education

by Molly Nation, Serge Thomas, Sara Combs, Emily Daniels, Chaquer Talamas, & Gabrielle Vignet-Williams—Florida Gulf Coast University, United States

Sustainability of Showers:

Dissecting the Average Shower and Its Impact on the Planet: An Invitation to Collaborate — Part One: Human Water Usage and Global Impact

by Linda Pope—Prescott College, United States

Dissecting the Average Shower and Its Impact on the Planet: An Invitation to Collaborate Part Two: The Recirculating-Shower Design Elements

by Linda Pope—Prescott College, United States

Case Studies:

Teaching Water Literacy:

Undergraduate Education about Water and Climate Change: Students’ Use of a Water Balance Model

by Diane Lally, Trenton E. Franz, & Cory T. Forbes—School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, United States

Strengthening Water Cycle Literacy among Senior High School Students in East Java Province, Indonesia, through the Application of the Conservation-Based Learning Model

by Sukarsono Sukarsono—University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia

Stormwater Management:

Urban Revival and Appropriate Storm Water Management (Youngstown State University)

by Robert J. Korenic—Youngstown State University, United States

Media Review

Our Blue Mind: Lessons for a Changing Climate

by Scott Ramsey—Prescott College, United States

Photo Essay

Words for Water

by Mary Dougherty—From Lake Superior, United States