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How our Teaching Changes our Thinking, and How our Thinking Changes the World: A Conversation with Jaimie Cloud

By Pramod Parajuli and Rosemary Logan

In this insightful, foundational and wide-ranging interview, Jaimie Cloud makes the case…and defends it…for the prime importance of Education for Sustainability (EfS). Her ground-breaking work and years of experience bring an authoritative voice to this nascent field and give confidence that, as she says, “it all begins with a change in thinking” and “we just have to educate for it.” Her impressive accomplishments and the examples she brings to the interview are a must-read of inspiration for anyone involved with sustainability education.

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Sustainability Education Invites Learners to Anticipate and Shape the Future: Terril Shorb interviews Stephen Sterling

By Terril Shorb

In this wide-ranging interview, author and professor Stephen Sterling brings forth a good case for how academic can work to see collaborations that bring policy into practice, especially at a local level.

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Engaging People in Meaningful Change through the Politics of Place and Celebrating Our Accomplishments in Community: Terril Shorb interviews Daniel Kemmis

By Terril Shorb

In this revealing interview, Daniel Kemmis shows how he has brought sustainability issues into play as mayor of Missoula Montana and as a leading state legislator in Montana. So often, ideas remain in the abstract, but Daniel Kemmis’ experience shows the reality of how they can be brought into the political realm, along with all its imperfections. He brings weight to the call to “act locally.”

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The President’s Interview: Two college presidents speak out about sustainability from the perspective of their unique institutions.

By Larry Frolich

Jim Horton, President of Yavapai College, and Dan Garvey, President of Prescott College, share the stage in this forum focusing on how they and their institutions respond to the demands for sustainability within our current social, economic and ecological context. What unique challenges do a community college and a private liberal arts college face? What shared visions emerge? What unique roles do each of these institutions play in fostering sustainability for themselves, and for the community that they serve?

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