April 1st, 2016

The Hualapai Ethnobotany Youth Project

By Carrie Calisay Cannon

Table of Contents: Place and Resilience in Sustainability Education, April 2016

Cannon JSE February 2016 Place Issue PDF

Many people believe the desert is a harsh forsaken place, but for the Hualapai Tribal people of Northern AZ it is home; a place where every plant has a name, a purpose, and a story. The Hualapai Ethnobotany Youth Project is celebrating its tenth year of existence. It is an intergenerational program bringing Tribal elders and youth together to share about the plants that sustained the people for millennia.

Cannon Image 1

Frank Mapatis and Phyna Cook harvesting mescal agave within Peach Springs Canyon, a side Canyon within the greater Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Cannon Image 2

Sequoya Wakayuta harvesting the cholla cactus buds within Hualapai ancestral lands.

Cannon Image 3

Sterling Dashee and Tristan Wakayuta proudly holding a tray of the calcium rich cholla cactus buds harvested on the Hualapai Ethnobotany Youth Project Field Trip.

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