April 14th, 2016

Education for a Sustainable Future: Benchmarks for Individual and Social Learning

By Jaimie Cloud

BenchmarksLogoPDF of Benchmarks document

This document is a provisional draft that has emerged out of an initial “State of the Field” issue and database, published in JSE in 2014  and a follow-up conference in Winter of 2015.

Jaimie Cloud of the Cloud Institute has been the lead organizer and author of this document.  See the opening pages for the large number of additional contributors.

We encourage early feedback on this work: email Jaimie Cloud with comments at jaimie (at) cloudinstitute (dot) org before June 1st.  Include “feedback on EfS benchmarks” in the subject line.  In the fall, the JSE Facebook page and website will host space for additional feedback, with the goal of reporting on this iteration in our Winter JSE edition, “Future-Casting Sustainability Learning.”


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