February 20th, 2017

Deepening Our Craft: February 2017 General Issue

By Clare Hintz

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Welcome to the February 2017 General Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education!

We are pleased to share these articles and photo essay with you in this thirteenth issue.  We invite readers to consider the following questions: Where do the details matter in our craft?  Does the curriculum engage both the student and the educator? What do we truly wish our students to learn and take their transformations back out into the world?  How do we better support all facets of learning and learners as we continue to define and expand the reach of sustainability education.   How do we transform all levels of educational leadership to support learning the “new 3Rs”?

Several articles in the General Issue address a connection to everyday surroundings and local place as an important part of learning for sustainability.  In this issue, a number of articles provide new ideas for educators to implement transformative teaching strategies around a variety of interrelated topics.  There are also articles that describe assessment activities for many facets of the work we do. We hope, at the Journal, to continue to receive submissions of the ways Sustainability Education is applied in all transdisciplinary scholarship and projects, including curriculum, creative expression, and regenerative agroecology and design. Although this is a general issue, the commonality among these articles is that they point to a need to widen our audiences: sustainability educators are advocates with voices in institutions of higher learning, community organizing, the arts, agriculture, and activism.

We are living in times of great change, and the articles in this issue remind us not to lose focus on the quality of our craft, needed now more than ever.

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