February 2018: Art, Social Change, and a Vision of Sustainability

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From the Editor

Editorial Overview
Anna Metcalfe


The Story of data: subversive integration of artistic knowing
Dustin K. Loehr


Poetic & Photo Essays and Journeys

A Wild Compliance
Ben Weaver

Embodying education: performing environmental meanings, knowledges, and transformations
José Castro-Sotomayor, Jeff Hoffmann, Melissa M. Parks, Maggie Siebert, Mariko Thomas, and Tema Milstein

Children of Change: An experiment in producing visual climate messaging for parents and caregivers
Erica Ramsey Pulley

Imagining a sustainable future: Inspiring creativity in science education and outreach
Jillian L. Blatti, John Garcia, Jiaqi Liu, Frieda Schwebel, Ellen Chan, Felix Monge, Naneh Vartan, Jason Hernandez, Danyal Cave, Edward Garcia, Anjalee Buwanekabahu, Shirley Chang

Laura Corcoran

Anna Metcalfe



Shade Grown Coffee
Laura Corcoran

Youth Shine in musical theatre for sustainability
Beth Osnes

The Emerald Ash Borer Project
Josh K. Winkler


Case Studies

Cultivating change: A Cross-age arts, literacy, and sustainability project
Joyce Kinkead and Andrea Melnick, with Olivia Webb

Assessing the level of awareness on climate change and sustainable development among students of Partido State University, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Ariel B. Barreda


Scholarly Features

Old material…New material
Helen Turner

Socially engaged art and agricultural education: Experimenting with extension
Lucas Ihlein, Laura Fisher, Kim Williams, Simon Mattsson

Student-produced short films about impacts of climate change on local communities: An effective approach that combines art and place-based learning
Anne U. Gold, Erin Leckey, Megan Littrell-Baez, Lesley Smith, Susan Lynds

Determining essential components of a college-level bioenergy curriculum in the United States using the Delphi Technique
Kimi Grzyb, Brian D. Hartman, and Katharine G. Field

A creative vision of sustainability: How informal educational avenues may impact change
Rachel J. Eike, Sissy R. Osteen, Erin Irick

Looking for flexible sensitive sustainable systems on campus
Andrea Frank and Aaron D. Knochel