General Issue February 2022: Workings of Transformation, Part One


Welcome to our General Edition for the academic year 2021-2022.  This issue features articles that explore the mechanics, barriers to, and driving forces of transformation.  Part Two of this issue will be released in the near future.



25 Years Pioneering High Altitude and Glacial Archaeology from the Mountains of Argentina

María Constanza Ceruti, Catholic University of Salta, Argentina



GIS and Sustainability Engagement in Higher Education

Ryan Kmetz and Kayla Hickman, University of Maryland Baltimore County, U.S.


Case Studies

Case Study: Integrating Scenario Planning into Sustainability Practicums

Stephen C. Trombulak and Jack M. Byrne, Middlebury College, U.S.


Koalas – Agents for Change: A case study from regional Victoria

Rolf Schlagloth, Central Queensland University Australia, Barry Golding, Federation University Australia, Barry Kentish, Federation University Australia, Gabrielle McGinnis, University of Newcastle, Ian D. Clark, Federation University, Timothy Cadman, Griffith University, Fred (David) Cahir, Federation University Australia, Flavia Santamaria, Central Queensland University Australia


Scholarly Features

Does transmissive sustainability education encourage behavior change? A case study of a university course on food systems 

Julia Silver, Latino Policy & Politics Institute, The University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.


The Role of Place Attachment and Situated Sustainability Meaning-Making in Enhancing Student Civic-Mindedness: A Campus Farm Example

Brandon H. Sorge, IUPUI, Francesca A. Williamson, Indiana University School of Medicine, Grant A. Fore, IUPUI, Julia L. Angstmann, Butler University, U.S.


Sustainable Adventure? The Necessary “Transitioning” of Outdoor Adventure Education

Paul Stonehouse, Western Carolina University, U.S.