July 22nd, 2017

Our Shores: Ultrarun for the Love of the Lake

By Allissa Stutte, Evan Flom and Andy Butter

We are three friends who ran 1,352 miles around Lake Superior on an expedition that began in May and ended in August 2016. ​As we undertook our expedition on foot we not only aimed to collect water samples for a global microplastics initiative by the environmental non-profit Adventure Scientists, but also to sit down and capture the stories of people who dare to carve out a living on Lake Superior. The word “dare” speaks to how challenging it can be to make a living in some of these places, especially through the winter. We spoke with farmers, authors, artists, doctors, activists, mayors, skateboarders and more who all share a common love for this Great Lake. We focused on both environmental and social issues, and the irrefutable connections between them, by posing the question “What challenges do you face living here?” to each of the folks that we spoke with. The responses were many and wide but what rang through each was the understanding that in many ways the lake is a foundation – physically, emotionally, figuratively, spiritually. By focusing on environmental threats to the Lake and the shifting socioeconomic challenges of its residents we aimed to foster a deeper appreciation for the lake and the communities that live on it.

More information can be found at: www.ourshoresrun.org

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