Sustainability and Schools: Educating for Interconnection, Adaptability, and Resilience

By Greg Smith

Greg Smith shows us, through his numerous interesting real-life educational stories, how place- and community-based education can bring a true spirit of opportunity to public school students. He argues that true sustainability will come about through local efforts of the current generation of students to guide and form our future.

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An Evolving Definition of Sustainability

By Jordana DeZeeuw Spencer

In this rich and robust view of sustainability, Jordana DeZeeuw Spencer accounts for the need to survive in a sustainable environment; at the same time, she takes the concept to another level and calls for a multi-dimensional view where social justice and intentional, inclusive communication are what bring richness to a sustainable life.

En su vista rica y profunda de la sustentabilidad, Jordana DeZeeuw Spencer toma en cuenta la necesidad de sobrevivir en un ambiente sustentable; a la vez, ella toma el concepto a un nivel más alta con su llamada para una vista multi-dimensional a donde la justicia social y la comunicación intencional e inclusiva son las cosas que traigan riqueza a una vida sustentable.
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