2014: The State of the Field

Table of Contents

Editorial Team
Jaimie Cloud, Rosemary Logan, Andrew Bernier, Larry Frolich

From the Guest Editor
The Essential Elements of Education for Sustainability (EfS)
Jaimie Cloud, Cloud Institute

Editor’s Corner–from the JSE Editor
The state of the field–how did we get here?
Larry Frolich, Miami Dade College

JSE presents the “state of the field” interactive data matrix featuring thought leaders and scholars from around the world

JSE presents thought leaders and scholars speak to the camera about their views on the “state of the field.”

SCHOLARLY FEATURES AND REPORTS (also see authors’ database contributions)

Shelburne Farms’ Sustainable Schools Project Education for Sustainability (EFS)
Jen Cirillo & Emily Hoyler, Shelburne Farms
Designing School for a Sustainable Future
John Gould, Drexler University
Assessing the Effectiveness of Problem and Project Based  Learning in a Green Building Design and Construction  Course Using ETAC Criteria
Robert Korenic,Youngstown State
A Community of Learners, Educators, and Leaders Create Wider Spheres of Influence at Prescott College PhD Program in Sustainability Education
Pramod Parajuli, Prescott College
Sustainability Education: The Community College Perspective
Anouchka Rachelson,Miami Dade College
Essential Elements of Sustainability in Teacher Education
Susan Santone, Creative Change Education Solutions
Shari Saunders, University of Michigan
Chris Seguin, Madonna University
Education for Sustainability Essentials
Greg Smith, Louis and Clark
Designing and Assessing Learning Outcomes: A Framework for Co-Curricular Sustainability Programs
Heather Spalding, Dilafruz R. Williams &Vicki L. Wise, Portland State University
At variance with reality: how to re-think our thinking
Stephen Sterling, Plymouth University
Education for Sustainable Development in China
Wang Ting, Auburn University
Core and Essential to Education for Sustainability
Gilda Wheeler, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Washington
A Framework for Leadership for Sustainability Education at Portland State University
Dilafruz R. Williams, Heather L. Burns & Sybil S. Kelley, Portland State University


The following contributors to the Thought Leader/Scholar Database referenced outside sources for their Essential Elements of Sustainability Education
Jaimie Cloud, Cloud Institute [external link]
Jerry Lieberman, California State Education and Environment Roundtable [external link]
Deb Rowe, U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development [external link]
David Sobel, Green Schools [external link]
Michael Stone, Center for EcoLiteracy [external link]
Lees Stuntz, Creative Learning Exchange [external link]
Linda Booth Sweeney [external link]
Daniela Tilbury, University of Gloucestershire [external link]


The following contributors to the Thought Leader/Scholar Database provided an expanded template and short narratives for their Essential Elements  of Sustainability Education

Brigitte Bollmann-Zuberbühler, Patrick Kunz & Ursula Frischknecht-Tobler, 
Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen [link]
Andrews R. Edwards, EduTracks [link]
Lauren G. McClanahan, Western Washington University  [link]
Jay Roberts, Earlham College  [link]
Bora SimmonsNational Project for Excellence in Environmental Education  [link]