Spring 2013: Experiential Education, Part Two

Guest Editors:  Denise Mitten and Rick Medrick

Table of Contents, Part Two

Editor’s Corner
Experiential Education Shows Its Many Faces With Their Unified Expression
By Larry Frolich, Editor

Bridging the Civil Society-Academia Gap: Lessons from the Environmental Movement in Ghana
By Emmanuel Osuteye, University of Kent
A Pedagogy for Sustainability Education
By Rick Medrick, Prescott College
Engaging Learners in Community Service Learning Across the Teacher Training Curriculum
By Linda Ramey, Wright State University

Photo Essay
Student sustainability education in action in Latin America and the United States
By Joshua Klaus and Erin Clark, Ecology Project International

Graduation Rates of Students Participating on Hurricane Relief Team
By Eric Lassahn, Susquehanna University
We Teach How We’ve Been Taught: Expeditionary Learning Unshackling Sustainability Education in U.S. Public Schools
By Stephanie Owens, Roots & Wings Community School
Sustainability Stew: A Recipe for Problem Framing and Discussion
By Catherine P. Chambers, Erik Koepf, Courtney Lyons, and Matthew L. Druckenmiller, University of Alaska, University of Delaware
Sustainability capstones: Data-driven, policy-relevant projects to enhance learning
By Elizabeth Shay, UNC-Chapel Hill

Media Reviews
Are We Really Educating about Sustainability?
By Justin Kopppelman, Chapman University
Review of Beyond Learning by  Doing
By Elizabeth Andrew, Northland College

Case Studies
Greening the campus through research-to-practice: A case study in experiential education
By Pamela-Jean N. Driza and Maruja Torre Antonini, University of Florida
From Participant to Planner: A Longitudinal Approach to Youth Leadership Development
By Jane Harrison, Kristi Lekies, and Kristen Arnold, University of Wisconsin, The Ohio State University
Effect of Experience-based School Learning Gardens Professional Development Program Workshop on Teachers’ Attitudes towards Sustainability Education
By Jan Ray, Koh Ming Wei, and Diane Barrett, University of Hawaiʻi 
Enhancing food security through experiential sustainability leadership practices: A study of the Seed to Supper program
By Denissia Withers and Heather Burns, Portland State University
The Climate and Development Lab: An Experiment in Engaged Education for Global Just Sustainability
By David Ciplet, J. Timmons Roberts, and Guy Edwards, Brown University
A Disciplinary Framework for Teaching Environmental Sustainability
By Shelley Koch and Jesse Freedman, Hollins  University, Emory & Henry College
Integrating Shared Action Learning into Higher Education for Sustainability
By Scott Jiusto, Stephen McCauley, and Jennie Stephens, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University
Experiencing sustainability education through place: A case-study from rural-regional Australia
By Rebecca Miles, La Trobe University
Curriculum Designing with Sustainability in Mind: Reflections on a Process
By Dan Caston, Ferrum College
Building and boarding a bigger boat together:  Learning about sustainability through direct encounters with diverse people in our watershed
By Laura S. Meitzner Yoder, Tom C. Hartzell, Jonathon W. Schramm, Lisa R. Zinn

Scholarly Features
Lessons Learned from a Geoscience Education Program in an Alaska Native Community
By Richard C. Hugo, Wendy F. Smythe, Sean McAllister, Benjamin Young, Bayta Maring, and Antonio Baptista, Portland State University, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Delaware, Haida Tribe, University of Washington
Sustainability Leadership Programs: Emerging Goals, Methods & Best Practices
By Mike Shriberg and Lindsey MacDonald, University of Michigan
Teaching Sustainability through Adventure
By Jeni Henrickson and Aaron Doering, University of Minnesota
Toward Instruments of Assessing Sustainability Knowledge: Assessment development, process, and results from a pilot survey at the University of Maryland
By Nicole Horvath, Mark Stewart, and Marybeth Shea, University of Maryland
Employee Engagement: Advancing Organizational Sustainability
By Brooke Moran and Paul Tame, Western State Colorado University
Cities and Regions: The Urban Sustainability, Planning, Pedagogy, and Technology Nexus
By Reza Banai, University of Memphis
Challenging families to live more sustainably : A multicase study in adopting eco-sustainable habits in the context of family
By Michael Leger, Université de Moncton
User perceptions of energy consumption in university buildings: A University of Sheffield case study
By Colin Whittle and Christopher Jones, University of Sheffield
Making Sustainable Behaviors the Norm at the University of Minnesota Duluth
By Thomas Beery, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Critical Sustainability: Promoting Pedagogies of Placefulness in Outdoor Education
By Jeff Rose & Adrienne Cachelin, University of Utah