November 2015: Hope and Agency in Sustainability Education

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Editor’s Corner

Hope and Agency as Ontological Imperatives for Sustainability Education

Tina Lynn Evans, Colorado Mountain College



Hope … in a Hopeless World?

Randall Amster, Georgetown University

Sustainability Programming is an Ethical Obligation for Higher Education in the Environmental Century

Stephen Mulkey, Unity College

On the Future of Hope

Douglas Dupler, University of Colorado and Naropa University

Why We Need Wendell Berry

Jane M. Schreck, Bismarck State College


Program Case Studies

On Hope and Agency in Sustainability: Lessons from Arizona State University

Christopher Boone, Arizona State University

The Purpose, Design, and Evolution of Prescott’s PhD Program in Sustainability Education

Rick Medrick, Prescott College

Sustainable Community Development Education in the Finger Lakes

Joel T. Helfrich, Monroe Community College


Media Reviews

Book Review: An Introduction to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Personal Perspectives by Martin Mulligan

Madhur Anand, University of Guelph

Fostering Hope in Calamitous Times: A Review Essay on Randall Amster’s Peace Ecology

Adrian Fielder, Colorado Mountain College

Book Review: Crimes against Nature: Squatters, Poachers, Thieves, and the Hidden History of American Conservation by Karl Jacoby

Dennis Lum, Colorado Mountain College

Book Review: Peace Ecology by Randall Amster

Lenka Studnicka, Prescott College

Book Review: The Forest Garden Greenhouse by Jerome Osentowski

Tracey Urbick, Colorado Mountain College

Pedagogies for Hope and Transformation: A Book Review for “A People’s Curriculum for the Earthby Bill Bigelow

Emily Zionts, Prescott College


Personal and Professional Journeys

Permaculture as Hope and Agency for Sustainability

Tina Lynn Evans, Colorado Mountain College

Speaking Our Truth: A Dialog on Hope and Agency in Education and Life

Tina Lynn Evans, Colorado Mountain College & David Greenwood, Lakehead University

Silver Linings: A Phenomenology of Hope and Purpose in Climate Change and Sustainability Education

Kimberly F. Langmaid, Colorado Mountain College and Walking Mountains Science Center

Teaching Kincentric Ecology in an Urban Environment

Enrique Salmon, California State University, East Bay

Finding Hope and Gratitude in the Climate Change Classroom

Stephen Siperstein, University of Oregon

Cultivating Hope through Contemplative Methods

Rebecca L. Vidra, Duke University


Scholarly Features

Finding Heart: Generating and Maintaining Hope and Agency through Sustainability Education

Tina Lynn Evans, Colorado Mountain College

Empathy and Agency in the Isle Royale Field Philosophy Experience

Lissy Goralnik & Michael Paul Nelson, Oregon State University

Senses of Wonder in Sustainability Education, for Hope and Sustainability Agency

Marna Hauk, Prescott College; 16 Co-Authors, Portland State University

Collaboratively Creating and Sustaining Hope and Agency

Sherie McClam, Manhattanville College; Alan Cass, Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation; Christina Connors, Lakeland-Copper Beach Middle School; Diane Frawley, Harrison High School; Sadie Heald, STEAM Community Center; Autumn McPartlin, Sagewood Middle School; Cheryl Orifici, EduTek Ltd.; Lisa Papernik, Manhattanville College

Discourses of Hope in Sustainability Education: A Critical Analysis of Sustainability Advocacy

Gerri McNenny &  Jan Osborn, Chapman University

Learning Green: Perspectives from U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Educators

William Sterrett, University of North Carolina Wilmington & Scott Imig, University of Newcastle

Regenerative Hope: Pedagogy of Action and Agency in the Learning Gardens

Dilafruz R. Williams, Portland State University


Poster Presentation Report on Ongoing Research

Transforming Despair: Narratives on Global Warming and its Effects

Ifunanya Ezimora, Cindy Frantz, John Perterson, Rumi Shammin, Oberlin College