February 2017: Deepening Our Craft Table of Contents

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Editor’s Corner

Deepening Our Craft

Clare Hintz, Journal of Sustainability Education; Mandisa Wood, Prescott College



The new “Three Rs” in an Age of Climate Change:
Reclamation, Resilience, and Regeneration as Possible Approaches for Climate-Responsive Environmental and Sustainability Education

Marna Hauk, Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies and Prescott College


Reframing Humankind’s Relationship with Nature: Contributions from Social Exchange Theory

Keri A. Schwab, California Polytechnic State University; Daniel L. Dustin, University of Utah; Kelly S. Bricker, University of Utah



Encouraging Revolving Door Usage in a Mixed-Use Building: The Influence of Visual Prompts and Descriptive Social Norms

Jeffrey Louis Perrin, Lesley University; Perrin DuMar, Lesley University


Increasing a Sense of Place Using Blended Online and On Site Learning 

Tina L. Salata, Grand Canyon University


Case Studies

Connecting through the lens: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Urban Design and Water Infrastructure Using Participatory Photography as an Observational Learning Tool

Molly Gail Mehling, Carnegie Mellon University; Gregory Galford, Chatham University; William Biss, Chatham University; Darlene Motley, Chatham University; Yandi Andri Yatmo, Universitas Indonesia; Paramita Atmodiwirjo, Universitas Indonesia


Case Studies in Sustainable Social Work: MSW Students Explore Principles in Practice

Kevin R. Jones, University of Portland; Lindsay N. Merritt, Portland State University; Ashley N. Brown, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center; Shelby Davidson, Impact NW; Diana L. Nulliner, Kaiser Permanente; Jennine Smart, Health Share of Oregon; Lisa Walden, Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities Services; Nick Winges-Yanez, Independent Researcher


Learning for Sustainable Development: Integrating Environmental Education in the Curriculum of Ordinary Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Beatus Mwendwa, Sustainability Education Institute of Adult Education


Making Sustainable Development Real Through Role-Play: “The Mekong Game” Example

Andrew Perlstein, U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Congressman Matt Cartwright; Michael Mortimer, Virginia Tech, Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability; David Robertson, Virginia Tech, Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability; Holly Wise, Virginia Tech, Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability and Georgetown University


Climate Change Communication Beyond the ‘Ivory Tower’: A Case Study about the Development, Application and Evaluation of a Science-Education Approach to Communicate Climate Change to Young People

Maximilian Riede, alpS – Centre for Climate Change Adaptation, Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck;  Lars Keller, Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck; Anna Oberrauch, Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck; Steffen Link, alpS – Centre for Climate Change Adaptation


Book Reviews

Book Review of Systems Thinking Made Simple: New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems

Jeremy Solin, University of Wisconsin-Extension, ThinkWater


Sustainability Education and Radical Possibilities: A Book Review of David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa’s Sustainability Frontiers: Critical and Transformative Voices from the Borderlands of Sustainability Education

Jay M. Shuttleworth, Long Island University


Photo Essay

Constructing Nature

Garrett O. Hansen, University of Kentucky


Scholarly Features

Examining the Influence of Outdoor Recreation, Employment, and Demographic Variables on the Human-Nature Relationship

Kelly S. Cartwright, College of Lake County; Denise Mitten, Prescott College


Alive, Survive, Strive, Thrive: A Grounded Conceptual Sustainability Taxonomy

Kenneth W. Borland, Jr., Bowling Green State University


A Sustainability Performance Assessment Tool: The SPA System

Dorothy Paun, University of Washington,; Shannon Bray, Accenture; Tomoki Yamaguchi, University of Washington; Simiao You, University of Washington


Immerse in Your Watershed: Problem-Based, Service Learning for Undergraduate Sustainability Education

Dina El Chammas-Gass, ME Maharishi University of Management


Learning through Place: Evaluation of a Professional Development Program for Understanding the Impact of Place-Based Education and Teacher Continuing Education Needs

Katherine Ann Linnemanstons, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Catherine M Jordan, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities