December 2014:  The International Mix

Table of Contents

Editor’s Corner
JSE comes of age on the international stage
By Larry Frolich and Jen Mason


Privilege as Practice: A Framework for Engaging with Sustainability, Diversity, Privilege, & Power
Matthew Kolan and Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, University of Vermont, U.S.A.
Back to the Future: Revisiting the “Whole Earth” Concept of Sustainable Tools for 21st Century Education
Susan L. Stansberry and Edward L. Harris, Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.
Sustainability and Library Management Education
Deborah Turner, Drexel University, U.S.A.

Sustainability Education: What’s Politics Got To Do With It?
David Meek, University of Alabama, U.S.A.
Comparing Faculty and Student Sustainability Literacy: Are We Fit to Lead?
Carl Obermiller and April Atwood, Seattle University, U.S.A.

Case Studies
The Love of Art in Correctional Education—Endless Possibilities for Critical Literacy
Suzanne Gardner, Maryland Correctional Institution, , U.S.A.
The Role of Project Based Learning in Promoting Environmental Stewardship: The Case of Bahrain Teachers College
John Wilkinson, Xing Wei College, Shanghai, China
Teaching Sustainability via the Environmental Humanities: Studying Water, Studying Ourselves
Todd LeVasseur, College of Charleston, U.S.A.
Sustainability Across the Australian Curriculum: Will it Remain a Priority?
Hannah O’Connor, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
Teaching Life-Cycle Assessment with Sustainable Minds©: A Discussion with Examples of Student Projects
Mark Meo, Kelsey Bowman, Kayla Brandt, Madeline Dillner, Dylan Finley, Justin Henry, Kaylie Sedlacek, and Aaron Winner, University of Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Empowering High School Girls with Eco- Experiential Education: Assessing Glen Stewart Ravine Watershed in Toronto
Gabriel Roman Ayyavoo, S. Kotiadis, J. Cuevas, K. Dacanay, D. de Silva, A. Marciano, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Canada

Media Reviews
Review of Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City, by Andrew Ross
Brock Ternes, University of Kansas, U.S.A.
Review of Greening the Academy: Ecopedagogy Through the Liberal Arts, edited by Samuel Day Fassbinder, Anthony J. Nocella II, and Richard Kahn
Aristotelis Gkiolmas and Constantine Skordoulis, University of Athens, Greece
Film Review: Snowpiercer
Seth D. Baum, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, U.S.A.

Scholarly Articles
Constructing and Assessing an Introductory Urban Sustainability Course: Applying New Insights Using Survey Research
Chad Paul Frederick, University of Louisville and K. David Pijawka, Arizona State University, U.S.A.
Urban Sprawl: Definitions, Data, Methods of Measurement, and Environmental Consequences
Reza Banai, University of Memphis and Thomas DePriest, University of Tennessee at Martin, U.S.A.
Defining Sustainability in Meaningful Ways for Educators
David Little, Oregon State University
Education in a Culturally Diverse Post-Secondary Classroom: A Space for Potential Transformative Learning for Sustainability
Helen Lepp Friesen, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Canada
Integrating Sustainability into the Social Sciences: What are the Essentials?
Rachel J. Eike, Cosette M. Armstrong, Kim Y. Hiller Connell, Melody L.A. LeHew, Barbara G. Anderson, Gwendolyn Hustvedt, Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.
The Effectiveness of Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Based on Active Teaching  and Learning at High School Level: A Case Study from Puducherry and Cuddalore Regions, India
Alexandar and G. Poyyamoli, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India

Poetic Essay
The Self System Drawing
Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ursuline College, U.S.A.