Current JSE Themes for Submitting Works

2017-2018 Upcoming Themes:
General Edition (November, 2017)
Arts, Social Change, and A Vison of Sustainability (February, 2018)
Decolonizing and Sustainability Education (March, 2018)




If you have an idea that you believe warrants a full issue of JSE, then please propose it!  The more thought and development you give to your theme proposal, including specific invited authors and a strong guest editor for the theme, the more likely it will be accepted in the near future.  Please contact the editor with any questions you might have about theme proposals.

If you have a work that does not fit any current themes, and do not want to propose a future theme, you can still submit it under the category of “Works Not Related to Current Themes.”  The JSE editing team will either consider this work for a future issue, or a compilation of general works on Sustainability Education.  We also encourage media reviews on any media related to Sustainability Education, including books, images, audio, video and web media. Please contact the editor if you have any questions.