Become a JSE Reviewer

One of the biggest challenges we face in publishing each issues of the JSE is finding peer reviewers. Each issue can require over 30 reviewers to help to ensure the quality of publication in JSE. We work on an open review model that allows you to enter our back-end review system (RATS), view the submission and fill in our very simple review form with your suggestions and comments to the author. Our peer review goals are to:

  1. Strive for highest possible understanding of the work being reviewed.
  2. Eloquently express your understanding of the work in a short summary.
  3. From the basis of your own expertise, reflect thoughtfully on the clarity of the work, its significance, and contribution to the field.
  4. Provide feedback that will improve the work’s clarity, significance, and contribution to the field.
  5. Express your feedback in comments directed to the author and/or the larger audience for this work.

We are seeking interested and qualified individuals to join the JSE Review Board. Please be sure to tell us your institutional affiliation (if any), something about your qualifications, and what kinds of articles you would be interested in reviewing.  Please complete the form below to join our team.


Become a JSE Peer Reviewer