Spring 2013: Experiential Education, Part One

Guest Editors:  Denise Mitten and Rick Medrick

Table of Contents

From the Guest Editors
Beings of the Earth
               Rick Medrick, Prescott College

To Divine Is Human
           Nancy Mattina, Prescott College
NOLS: Bringing Sustainability Education to the Front-Country
           Karly Copeland, NOLS
Awareness to Action: the journey toward a deeper ecological literacy
           Joel Barnes, Prescott College
“FarmCorps”: A National Service Program in Agricultural Labor for Youth?
           Brent Ranalli, The Cadmus Group
Only Experience Can Bring Us To The Truth
           Dan Garvey,   Institute for Sustainable Social Change
Experiential Education For change
           Rick Medrick, Prescott College

Experiencing Sustainability: Thinking Deeper About Experiential Education in Higher Education
           Jay Roberts, Earlham College
A Conversation Starter: Amplifying Outdoor Adventure Education as an Innovative Tool for the 21st Century 
           Jeff Glover, AMP Project
Re-engaging Youth through Environmental-based Education for Sustainable Development
           Justin Umholtz
Curriculum as Bioregional Text: Place, Experience, and Sustainability
           Nathan Hensley
Integrating Sustainability Curriculum into Construction Education: A Progress Report
           James Sullivan & Russell Walters, University of Florida

If it please the court: Using a simulated trial as the basis for an introduction to sustainability science course 
           N.J. Smith-Sebasto, Kean University
Boyer Plus: Field Study Courses for Sustainable Education
           Daniel Moscovici, Richard Stockton College
Beekeeping as Experiential: The Ashland Apiary Project 
           Ryan King, Southern Oregon University

An Autoethnographic Exploration of Norway: Nature and Culture 
           Doug Hulmes, Prescott College

Case Studies
Teacher Professional Learning Communities for Sustainability: Supporting STEM in Learning Gardens in Low-Income Schools
           Sybil S. Kelley & Dilafruz Williams, Portland State University
Environmental sustainability and environmental justice: From buzzwords to emancipatory pro-environmental behaviour change
           Mary Breunig, Brock University
Sustainability Education and Environmental Nihilism: Transforming Suburbia through Experiential Learning
           Darien Ripple, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Stages and Breakthroughs: An Illustration of the Story-to-Song Method
           Marieke Slovin & Malcolm Brooks
Building Community Through Engaged Students: CommUniverCity and Experiential, Service-Based Education
           Hilary Nixon & Dayana Salazar, San Jose State University
Ear-Witnessing  in the Galapagos Islands:  The Case for Experiential Learning Abroad
           Joe Treaster, University of Miami
Sustainability Education, Experiential Learning, and Social Justice: Designing Community Based Courses in the Global South
           Mark A. Ritchie, International Sustainable Development Studies Institute
Using experiential education to expose graduate students to the relevance of case studies in sustainability and innovation
           Nicole Vaugeois & Patrick T. Maher, University of Northern British Columbia
Influences of Field Immersion, Disciplinary Projects, and Extra-Disciplinary Activities on Transformative Learning in an Experiential Learning Project
           Radha Pyati & April Moore, University of North Florida
Dialogue among educators: Understanding the intended goals and perceived roles within a non-formal and formal educator partnership
           Kristine Cook & Ingid Weiland, Bellarmine University
A Case Study in Sustainability Experiential Education
           Christine Gleason, Robert Ause & Jamey Hein, Greenhills School

Media Reviews
Review of Learning Gardens and Sustainability Education: Bringing Life to Schools and Schools to Life
           Tricia Francis-Morgan
Review of Ecoliterate: How Educators are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence 
           Roger Coss, University of the Pacific
Review of Occupy education: living and learning sustainability by Tina Lynn Evans.
           Mark Seis, Fort Lewis College
Review of Compassionate Activism: An Exploration of Integral Social Care, by Mark Garavan
           Tina Evans, Colorado Mountain College
Review of Globalization and the Environment: Capitalism, Ecology and Power, by Peter Newell
           Tina Evans, Colorado Mountain College

Scholarly Features
Fostering Sustainability Through Watershed-Based Education 
           Rita Vazquez & Rosalinda Uribe, Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA)
The Oikos of Rural Children: A Lesson for the Adults in Experiential Education
           Karim-Aly S. Kassam & Leanne M. Avery, Cornell University
Learning in the Struggle: Reframing Economic & Environmental Justice
           Jan Breidenbach & Jesus Herrera, University of Southern California
GRASP: Testing an Integrated Approach to Sustainability Education
           Beth Karlin, Nora Davis & Richard Matthew, University of California, Irvine
Children’s Observations of Place-Based Environmental Education: Projects Worlds apart Highlight Education for Sustainability Inherent in Many Programs
           John Rafferty & Shelby Gull Laird, Charles Sturt University