2011: Living and Learning Sustainability

From the Guest Editors
     Terril Shorb and Pramod Parajuli
Spines 2: To and From The Editor
     Larry Frolich


How our Teaching Changes our Thinking, and How our Thinking Changes the World: A Conversation with Jaimie Cloud
     Pramod Parajuli and Rosemary Logan
Sustainability Education Invites Learners to Anticipate and Shape the Future: Terril Shorb interviews Stephen Sterling
     Terril Shorb
Engaging People in Meaningful Change through the Politics of Place and Celebrating Our Accomplishments in Community: Terril Shorb interviews Daniel Kemmis
     Terril Shorb


Bomb Threats, Global Warming and Decision Making: An Educational Experience
     Dave Tomkins and Peter Tsigaris
Spare Changing the World: The Inner Challenges of New Paradigm Organizations
     Timothy Clayton
Teaching Sustainability in Graduate Education: A Call to Leadership Development
     Viniece Jennings
People, Society and Sustainability
     Christopher Haines
Buildings, Climate Change, Education and Action: The role of the building sector systems in climate change mitigation
     Peter Papesch, Jeff Haberl, Robert Koester, Dan Proctor and Bob Berkebile


How Do We Really Make Change Happen?
     Gibran Rivera
Let Us Learn Again to Nourish a Gifted Subsistence
     Terril Shorb


Case Studies
Sustainability Education in the Interior Design Curriculum
     Jane Nichols and Erin Adams
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Teaching the Marketing of Sustainable Products
     Peter Kaufman, Louis Reifschneider and Frederick Langrehr
Trash Talk: A case study of waste analysis at Pomona College
     Char Miller and Bowen Close


Media Reviews
Northwest Earth Institute’s Discussion Guides Enhance Sustainability Education at University of Michigan
     Mike Shriberg
Toward climate justice: Perspectives on the climate crisis and social change, by Brian Tokar, Communalism Press (2010), 137 pp., $14.95, ISBN 9788293064015.
     Randall Amster
Review of The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy: Skills for a Changing World
     Laura Henry-Stone
Can Uncertainty Lead to Sustainability? Review of Science, Society and Sustainability: Education and Empowerment for an Uncertain World, edited by Donald Gray, Laura Colucci-Gray and Elena Camino
     John Gist
Primary care—what it should embrace. A review of “A World of Health: Connecting People, Place and Planet”
     Larry Frolich and Alan Frolich


Scholarly Features
Sustainability in Outdoor Education: Rethinking Root Metaphor
     Adrienne Cachelin,, Jeff Rose, Dan Dustin and Wynn Shooter
Compost, Blossom, Metamorph, Hurricane – Complexity and Emergent Education Design: Regenerative      Strategies for Transformational Learning and Innovation
     Marna Hauk
Implementing Education for Sustainable Development: The Potential use of Time-Honored Pedagogical Practice from the Progressive Era of Education
     Cosette Marie Armstrong
Educators as Architects of Living Systems: Designing Vibrant Learning Experiences beyond Sustainability and Systems Thinking
     Barbara Widhalm
Growing Our Own: A Case Study of Teacher Candidates Learning to Teach for Sustainability in an Elementary School with a Garden
     Joanne Carney
Teaching for Transformation: (Re)Designing sustainability courses
     Heather Burns
Negabehaviors and Environmental Sustainability
     Joel Ross and Bill Tomlinson
The Digital Divide in Kentucky: Is Rural Online Learning Sustainable?
     J. Kirk Atkinson and Phillip Coleman
Living Soil and Sustainability Education: Linking Pedagogy and Pedology
     Dilafruz Williams and Jonathan Brown
Leadership without Domination? Toward Restoring the Human and Natural World
     Tina Evans
Educating for Sustainability: Competencies & Practices for Transformative Action
     Erin Frisk and Kelli Larson
Living Systems and Leadership: Cultivating Conditions for Institutional Change
     Zenobia Barlow and Michael Stone
Sustainability, Democracy, Pedagogy: On Locating Ourselves in Dark Time
     Kimberley Curtis