March 1st, 2012

The Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE) Sustainability-Now-And-Powerful: SNAP awards

By Snap Awards

The Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE)  Sustainability-Now-And-Powerful: “SNAP” Awards

In March 2012, the Journal of Sustainability Education opens nominations for the Sustainability-Now –And-Powerful (“SNAP”) Awards. You can submit a brief nomination or self-nomination for the award in one of three categories: Restore, Recharge, and Replenish. Each winner will receive $100 towards her/his project and a hand-calligraphed certificate of sustainability achievement as well as space to have a write-up of the winning project featured in the Journal of Sustainability Education’s online edition. One winner in each of the three categories will also win two all-event passes to the Prescott College Sustainability Symposium in May 2013*.  Some honorable mentions will also receive coverage in the JSE. The JSE features a readership of approximately 11,000 Sustainability Educators a year from over 100 countries.  The JSE staff hopes to help share highlights of effective and innovative sustainability education initiatives globally to inspire sustainability education efforts among our readers.

Nominate or self-nominate by April 22, 2012 by emailing your responses to our simple questions in one of three categories to snapawards at gmail dot com.  Winners will be announced May 1, 2012.


Three “Sustainability Now” Award themes for 2012: Restore, Recharge, and Replenish:

2012 Category 1: Restore

Honoring innovative sustainability education projects that make a difference in restoring learners, restoring landscapes, and ecological restoration. Hands-on projects in natural building, ecological architecture and design, and community gardening are relevant in Restore. Also projects preserving or restoring biocultural diversity and promoting traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) would be relevant in the Restore category.

2012 Category 2: Recharge

Honoring innovative sustainability education efforts that make a difference in sustaining educators. Key notes in this theme include self-sustainability, inner sustainability, networking and support among green educators.

2012 Category 3: Replenish

Honoring innovative sustainability education initiatives that make a difference in replenishing planetary systems andlearning system capacity. Highlights here might include Gaian or transcultural approaches, sustainable social justice initiatives, and educational system initiatives related to sustainability. Sustainable food systems, school systems, alternative green economies: standout projects replenishing ecosystems, economic systems, and planetary systems are welcome for nomination! Projects and innovations that nurture a systems view of transformation would apply in Replenish.


Nomination Form – Journal of Sustainability Education’s SNAP Awards

Email to snapawards at gmail dot com

Date of Nomination:

Category of Nomination (indicate one):  RESTORE     RECHARGE     REPLENISH

Person Nominating:


Contact Information:

Name of Project:

Brief Description:

Web Address (if available):

Contact Information:
Relationship of Nominator and Nominee (self-nomination is okay):

Please write 1-3 paragraphs regarding how this project exemplifies the qualities of the category – how does it demonstrate Sustainability Now and Powerful (SNAP)?

Thank you!– Please email nominations before April 22, 2012 to snapawards at gmail dot com


* A winner in each category wins two all-event passes. All-event passes provide access to all Sustainability Symposium events in May 2012. Winners will be responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.


Image Credits:

  • Logo: Clover in heart, adapted from 2010, Sunshineconnelly flickr user carbonnyc (Own work) CC-BY-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
  • Restore image: Front of hand built natural “hobbit house,” the Wales, CC-3.0,
  • Recharge image: Path in the E.V.A. Lanxmeer green district in the Netherlands, Lamiot, 2009, CC-3.0
  • Replenish image: Earth, NASA, public domain
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