2017 WINTER THEME CALL FOR PAPERS: Regenerative Agriculture: A Systems Approach


PDF: 2017RegenAg

Call for Papers – 2017 Winter Theme: Regenerative Agriculture: a Systems Approach

In the current global economy, we are borrowing extensively on our natural and human capital and considering it income (Daly, 2007). Cox, Picone, and Jackson (2004) described this phenomenon as the problem of agriculture rather than challenges within agriculture. Whether teaching sustainable agriculture from an interdiciplinary framework, or inquiring deeply into the relationships between socio-economic injustice and environmental degradation, an agriculture that is regenerative in nature requires a systems approach. For this issue of the Journal of Sustainability Education, we use the term regenerative agriculture to mean agriculture that is ecologically renewing, civically engaged, and economically viable, expanding Pearson’s (2007) use of the term.

We seek scholarship that addresses a wide variety of questions on how we teach and learn to practice a more regenerative agriculture:

  1. What are the best practices of teaching regenerative agriculture that lead to informed consumers and innovative farmers who steward soil and water health, biodiversity, local economies, and viable livelihoods?
  2. What roles do non-formal learning experiences play?
  3. How do we teach systems thinking in agriculture?
  4. How do farmers learn best from each other?
  5. How are innovations in agriculture gendered?
  6. What role do the arts play in creating regenerative agriculture?
  7. What differences exist between regenerative agricultures in the global south compared to the global north?
  8. What role might regenerative agriculture play in the development of sustainable urban economies?
  9. How might regenerative agriculture be used as tool for developing community leadership and transformation?
  10. How is the development of regenerative agricultures linked to other current issues, such as post-war occupations for veterans, climate change mitigation, and rural renewal?

The editors of this special issue ask these questions in an effort to stimulate research, reflection, theory development, and discussion of praxis. We also seek relevant book and media reviews, editorial pieces, photo essays, post-cards (see template on JSE website) multimedia pieces, case studies, and reflections on learning and practice.

Submission deadline EXTENDED: February 17, 2017

Expected publication date: March 30, 2017

If you are interested in submitting work for this issue, please visit the JSE website (www.susted.org), and register as an author using the RATS (review and article tracking and submission) system (follow the link to RATS at the top of the JSE home page). RATS also includes links to the JSE submission guidelines (select “submit” from the RATS interface). For further information, please contact the issue editor. Please use “JSE regenerative ag inquiry” in the subject line of your message.

The JSE also seeks peer reviewers. You are encouraged to use the RATS system to participate in our peer review process.

Clare Hintz, Ph.D., Editor, editor@susted.com